Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Because Nice Matters

Don't let this sweet face fool you...
I left my phone at home today, so I rushed home between meetings to squeeze in some Turner time at lunch! I was excited...he decided to scream no...push me away...whine...cry...steal my lunch...throw a few fits...and I was home for 20 minutes.

The time has come. Turner is approaching that wonderful age of 'two'. I have been blessed with a very kind hearted, gentle, sweet, child. He is still those things, but he has added rudeness to his day. I am all knowing in the area of development stages for his age group and all. He is going to throw tantrums, push his boundaries, and hit and such...but I won't tolerate the rudeness.  I know the brain research shows they are mainly living in their right brain hemisphere and you can't talk to them when they are having a tantrum because the left side shuts down. I have to balance knowing the development stage and teaching Turner the difference between right and wrong. I am probably the ONLY one that is having this issue :)....ha!

What I love about this stage is the humor and fascination he finds in everything. He loves to cuddle and read his books. He loves exploring and talking! I LOVE listening to him talk. He said 'Nat' and 'Sh' for Shugie last night! Made my night! He has already developed an opinion on what he wants to wear..and he has this weird thing going on not wanting to take off his clothes. I think he would still be wearing what he wore last week if we had let him.

My proud moments of being a mother: He knows 'my eye' I have stopped many of these issues by the look and shake of the head. I know I sound mean...but motherhood has been where you feel you have no control over anything or 'what you thought you would do' went out the window. My eye has made it through many battles with Turner...hopefully it will continue to work. He knows when to forgive...he will get in trouble again..but what I love is he knows he was wrong and corrects it or finds a way to be sweet in the few minutes.

I have a sign in his playroom (I have had it for YEARS..because I think it pertains to everyone..not just my two-year-old (Almost 2 year old).. "BECAUSE NICE MATTERS' It's simple.
Where's Turner?!?!

I may not always get through to him because of him being THAT AGE...but I know I can model and explain to him that it really matters to be nice. This pushing...yelling no ...and hey!! at the top of your lungs is not ok...but it to shall pass. All we can do is follow through with a clear consequence for his actions...be consistent and... laugh. It's so easy to hear yourself say 'no' so many times with this age...so it's a very big learning experience....mmm...I'm seeing quite the trend here with motherhood :).

I LOVE this stage and what it all brings! It's amazing watching it all unfold and knowing you were right there with it all. Parenting is amazing.

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