Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nothing Runs Like a Deere

He's been gearing up for Halloween for quite some time!

Frog Mask
Like I've said through all these experiences.. he's having lots of fun on the inside even if he's not expressing it verbally. :)

Cake Walk!

Best Bud, Woodrow!


Started the day off right on our PJs!

Turner, Shugie, Daddy and I did a little trick or treating on the square!

Trick or Treat, Shugie!


Turner had a mid-Halloween travel snack at Aunt Roni's with Grandmama, Papa, and Uncle Beej! Papa gave Turner a dollar for his treat!

Said trick-or-treat to Aunt Dannis and Unc at a their friend's house. We did a little Thriller dance on the sidewalk
Trick or Treat at Aunt Nat's!

TRACTOR's first OFFICIAL trick-or-treat house that was not family!

Aunt Natalie made Witches Broomsticks! Yummy!

Met us at the door with BUBBLES at Uncle Caul and Aunt LiliPop's!!
Uncle Caul and Aunt Lilipop had a scanvenger hunt for Tman!

The tractor found it!


Nothing says Halloween like GLOW STICKS!!
2012 was a really DEERE time creating wonderful memories on Halloween! Like always, Turner was so blessed to graze through Fayetteville on his John Deere celebrating Halloween with family!
Nothing runs like a Deere!


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