Saturday, February 2, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

He loved digging in his stocking! He was more concerned about Santa's leftover cookies and had to finish those off before moving on.

Awaiting for him at Shugie's!! He loves his teepee!

Teepee and lillipops from Aunt Lillipop!
Group Christmas picture!! Turner in heaven!!

Turner felt like such a big boy passing out presents. When we have multiple children we will have to start about 3 am to get through it all. So fun!

Our little gypsy boy with Aunt Dannis!

Hugs on Moppy!

Layla striking a pose. Beautiful dog!

Christmas brunch!!

Addison won the Christmas WRapping Expidition this year! Natalie did a wonderful job wrapping!

Playing a little Christmas music with Shugie

Aunt Dannis I just need to take a rest..I am plum tired from all this Christmas fun!

Kisses to Layla. He loves his dog friends! A very blessed Christmas once again!

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