Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lots of Celebrating in April!

We love birthdays! It's so fun because this year Tman has been singing Happy Birthday to fam! When he was a wee little lad we made a HB sign for everyone and now he's singing to everyone! It all started with the 1st video for Aunt Natalie! (It's

Aunt Lillipop's first shower! We were so excited to begin our celebrations for the upcoming wedding!Turner was able to visit the ladies' shower. He was a very polite young man for the ladies.

Aunt Lillipop asked Turner to be a ring bearer for the wedding! At this time (will post another time about the actual event!..yes, behind on blogging) I was SUPER excited he will be walking down the aisle..but I had no clue how he would or if he would do it! We shall see!

Spent the night with Moppy and Poppy..yes he gets bacon whenever he wants...and yes he is spoiled.

Celebrated Shugie's birthday!! We are taking her on a girl trip to Greenwood, MS! Tman willl not be attending this one. Just the girls!

We loved having Hooch with us! Turner loves his BFF
Celebrating the future Corbell's at their couples shower!

The bride to be and groom to be!

Sisters! Natalie and Lydia

Mother of the Bride with Bride to be!

Turner loves being home and lounging around. IT takes a lot to motivate him to want to go anywhere on the weekends....he loves staying in his PJs and playing!

He's becoming all boy!

....and part super hero

Visited with his great grandparents from Kansas City! My grandmother is blind from a stroke and Turner is so sweet to her. He hands her food and give sthe sweetest hugs to him.

Getting all dolled up!

Celebrated Campbell Kate turning THREE!

Tman only eats the cake. Which works for me because I will eat it.

Our lilac bush. This was given to us as a wedding present from some dear friends. I love watching it bloom and grow. We even moved it from our Azalea house and it has survived!

Woodrow and Tman watching the Glee club perform! Turner does pretty well at these type of events. He loves music like his momma!

Many celebrations in April!

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