Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wet Willies, Strawberry Cake, Giggles and Wonderful Friends!

Today was a great day! It's very odd to be saying that the day before school ends. Today we had "Organized Mass Chaos' with sixth graders. I was in charge of a group of kids and making sure they completed tasks such as: Running around a circle while yelling moo, giving wet willies, trading shoes and racing, wheel barrow races, shaving cream hugs, balloon pops, and much more! (I had to do most of these with them--I only gave ten wet willies for obvious reasons!) This is right up my alley and it was a great time. I love hanging with the kiddos and hanging with Gibbins! You can only have Organized Mass Chaos if you have a whistle.

 I was then given a yummy strawberry cake from a teacher-again-my favorite. I came home and squeezed in some Turner time hearing about his fun times with his friend. Turner has gotten to become really good friends with a little girl, Taylor. My mom met up with them at the library and Little Sprouts a year or so ago. They are now great friends. Taylor's great Aunt watches her and was my kindergarten teacher!  Needless to say, they are BFFs.

LOVE the picture above..his face!

Love Taylor's bow!

It ended with a wonderful dinner with great girlfriends! My birthday is a week away and Marcy was leaving for the beach tomorrow, so she squeezed in a birthday dinner with some great gals! It was great to eat dinner, relax and catch up with them! I am truly blessed and love days like this when it was simply a great day! I couldn't ask for more- wet willies, strawberry cake, giggles with Turner and wonderful friends!

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