Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everybody Have Fun Tonight!

He got a letter on Sunday telling him his cousins were visiting him before he went on vacation. He was super excited--so was Auntie Katy!! I was thrilled they were coming in earlier than they had planned so I could spend some time with my girls! The 100 + pictures I took of our sleepover was enough to show the fun we had!!
Painted our nails and toes!
 Made Jello Jigglers (Which was super fun and I'm going to do that more often)

 Brushed each other's hair
 Went on a stroll..let me just tell you--Auntie of the year here. I REALLY wanted a 4th of July picture with all three of them..all by myself I got a five, four and 15 month old ready..pretty, dressed and fed in time for a picture... I was not thrilled when we got outside and the bulldozer for the city was RIGHT out front of my Turner was more interested in that, so pictures were ruined. I was exhausted from getting them all ready...but the girls pictures turned out really cute! (I bought them all 4th of July Shirts)
 Took them to the Girls' Store and they got to pick out some bling, bling!
 Went to the Boingo Bounce..again Auntie of the year! All three and me. They were so good and really follow AUntie Katy's rules. Tman again just sat and stared. He did play ball with a boy named Pierce..made Tman laugh and laugh. It was cute.
 "I ain't going up there!"! Yes, it's a small pool but we made BIG memories! Uncle Addison turned on the sprinkler and we had a blast!

 Probably one of my favorite pictures of the summer....

 Second favorite picture..sprinkler COLD!
 No mercy on the 15 month old cousin!

 CrAzY about the WATER!!!
 The gang all together!
 Pudding snacks before bed!
 The 21st century 4 year old!
 The pictures I worked my fingers to the bones over. :)

 Silly faces!
 Tman even let's them feed him still (Even if I have to trick him to let me feed him..) HE LOVES HIS COUSINS. Follows them around..repeats things they do..and laughs!

The other gang together! My mom found a great African dance musical going on at the FPL. She's so fun and finds the best things for kids! Turner LOVED it. He even at one point was drumming his hands like he was hitting the bongos. All the kids around him were gigglind and pointing at him. He really enjoyed it!

 He also did not want to leave Grandmama. Once we got there he wanted nothing to do with me. The lady next to me laughed because he would start crying when I tried to hold him and pointing at Gmama. It was a relaxing time for me to sit and listen to the music...except for the 100 other children in there..I had my teacher eye on all of them-ha! :)
 A little dancing. I really liked this parT!

 Aww..! I don't want my cousins to leave!

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