Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Peas in a Pod!

Day one of our Texas trip.
Three Peas in a Pod!
Turner loves his cousins. He follows them around and wants to do everything they do. Kaitlyn and Kyleigh are SO sweet to Turner. I just love watching them play and hang out together! We traveled to Texas for Kaitlyn's birthday. It was a great trip. We went to Jennifer's parents' lakehouse. I'm not going to lie..Texas is hot. It seems much hotter when you are running after a toddler. We had many cool down moments! These are my two favorite girls in the whole wide world! I love being Auntie Katy! Now since I'm a Mum, I love switching roles back to Auntie Katy when I'm with them. I always make sure to have time with just my girls since I am consumed a lot of vacation time with Turner. I already miss them!

 Jennifer is very good with the chalk!
 Kaitlyn drew cute!
Turner got his dose playing with barbies, dolls, & all the girlie stuff!

 Give me the purple ball!
 Playing tag with Kyleigh
 Watching Kaitlyn skate. Turner liked to roam and see how it's like living in a neighborhood.
 Pretty Mom, Jennifer, with Kyleigh. Kyleigh will be five in November. Kaitlyn turned six at the end of July.
 My big bro, Jeff! We've lived apart pretty much since I was in high school. We are very close and text/talk many times throughout the week!

 Cooling down period..

 ..another cooling down period..:)
 CUTEST picture ever!! Love it! I can't wait until Turner is back at an age where he will pose.

 I kept telling them while I was down there we are Best Friends! BFFs!!

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