Thursday, July 14, 2011

Walking on Sunshine!

...more like sleeping through sunshine!

Turner is going to sleep his summer away & he's not even 14 yet! This boy is sleeping so much. (Now...I cherish these naps :) but I'm just amazed still at this age he's sleeping as much. I am wondering if he's trying to still catch up on some ZZZ..since our trip to Florida. On the other hand, he's on the move. He's very active. I will blink and he's clear across the room doing something like eating dog food...yep it finally happened and I'm blaming PoPo. PoPo has had a pretty rough week since our return. I've not only had to rub Desitin all over Turner but Mum here got to rub it all over PoPo as well...I also had to give him allergy pills and baby him. Anyways! He didn't eat for a few days, and I'm used to him scarfing his food down in 1.2 seconds. I walked away..PoPo walked away and I forgot about the food. Chomp, Chomp I hear behind me...Turner would NOT spit it out...He just chewed away as I was trying to pry it out of his mouth. He then proceeded to cry when I took the bowl away. I wasn't food has nutritional value.

He's so creative!
I have felt bad because it's just so hot out when it's his prime time to play, so I've taken him to the Farmer's Market around 8:00 (before nap number one!) to just run around and enjoy the outside. It's been great. Shugie came along today and we just enjoyed roaming around!

 This shirt Uncle Beej bought for him. It's a bicycle race he ..well raced in. Ironically he's doing the same one this weekend! The shirt finally fits him from last year's race. Go Uncle Beej Go! I made Turner go around a puddle of water while walking and one of the local farmers made me feel bad by talking TO Turner (but so I could hear) in a sweet voice about that's the joy of puddles and that's why God created them, but I knew what he was thinking. "Lighten up, Mom"..... Love being judged all the time :).
 One of my previous students hung out with Turner while I deep cleaned my bedroom and closet. I am SO sick of clutter. I am back to bedroom project...I've made my lists!
Visited with Moppy & had lunch!

 Just an update if you all were wondering... He still loves cheerios.
 My hat is too small, Mum! I personally don't like the 12-18 month clothes. It's too off from one store to the next and too big of a range. Ok..I feel better getting that off my chest. :)
Turner is a TV Star?!?!?
Turner in a few years... :) It's his long lost twin!

Happy Days to all!

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